Painting is a mysterious and profound process that resides in passion and faith. It is both a timeless and a temporal pursuit. I work from observation, often from tabletop still life construction. My purpose is to create a sensate equivalent of what is before me through insight into a world of form, color and space. This is a transformative process – engaging a visual energy and qualities of emotional tension through the dynamics of visual syntax, which in turn creates feeling. It is the unification of both the cognitive and sensate that makes this experience of visual discovery meaningful to me.

I see drawing as the perception and fixing of structure; I see painting as drawing with color – and to me, color is light. I work toward creating an equivalent of the visual forces I experience in my subject through the qualities of paint. I am exploring the idea of “all over painting” – a construction that is worked throughout the canvas and out to the edges without a focal point per se. As a part of this process, I am attracted to a compressed pictorial space formed through the abstract structure of figurative imagery.

Being a painter involves communicating with the continuum of painting – in finding the living past. My work references both modernist and classic Asian painting spatially. It also requires the searching out of one’s authentic self, a quality that can only originate in one’s response to one’s own time.

As a visual artist, for me seeing is touching, seeing is feeling and truly seeing is knowing.

On Photography

Photography’s potential as visual art is to draw with light, and this is the intent of my work. I use light and its counterpart-shadow, two complementary elements to sculpt the photographic space; to remove objects from their original context and utilitarian purposes, to shape their presence with different qualities of light, and transform them into aesthetic forms. Nuance of color and color cast in my work depicts the sensuousness of light comprising visual form and visual harmonics.

There is an abstract quality in my dealing with representational content in photography inviting the visual appreciation of aesthetic form on both intellectual and emotional levels. For me, photography speaks two languages. It represents and it creates and so embodies thought and feeling.